Pixies – Bagboy

Posted: 01/07/2013 in Album Review
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Reunions of amazing bands always require keeping your fingers crossed but if anyone can pull it off where most bands fail the Pixies surely can?

It’s been a surprisingly quick 9 year gap since last single Bam Thwok. While in no way a classic it is really good fun, and the band sounded like they had a ball making it.

The real skill of The Pixies is that they could throw a tonne of amazing ideas into a 3 minute song and it would still sound coherent and natural (much like The Beatles). They’ve tried to do that here but at almost 5 minutes it’s too long and messy. There are at least 3 points where it could comfortably end and it just keeps going.

Kim Deal’s vocals are always welcome but the gang vocal seems peculiar. It’s good that an ageing band are experimenting but it feels laboured and sounds like Frank Black’s solo material, where he was going out of his way to not sound like the Pixies.

Kim actually left the band the other week to be replaced Kim Shattuck from The Pandoras for their upcoming tour, so the future seems a bit in flux for them. Not that they had suggested releasing an album anyway.

Perhaps they should just leave it alone and allow Bagboy to be forgotten like other 90s heroes Nine Inch Nails’ The Perfect Drug or Nirvana’s You Know You’re Right.

Or maybe not… [fingers kept crossed]


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