Sigur Rós – Kveikur

Posted: 03/07/2013 in Album Review
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Perhaps not a popular opinion, but it could be argued there is a bit of emperors new clothes about Sigur Rós.

Not their fault, of course. Along with Explosions in the Sky they have been chosen as the go-to post-rock bands for people who are not really into post-rock. There are so many amazing post-rock/shoegaze bands you do have to wonder who choses which get big?

Sigur Rós had promised that the album would be more ‘aggressive’. This is a total cliche for bands decades into their career, along with ‘going back to our roots’ or ‘the electronic album’. In all fairness, there is an industrial edge to the title track but the rest of the album is very familiar.

Kveikur – according to Google translate it means kindle – isn’t in anyway a bad album, although it does have a feeling of treading water. The aforementioned title track is the only place they really get out of their comfort zone but with that they sound a bit flummoxed as to what to do with their new sound.

So it’s business as usual for Sigur Rós and as such a pretty reliable 45 minutes. It will sell well and be in the end of year polls. like the last Deftones album though, you are left asking ‘if this was their debut would anyone actually care’?

I just reviewed a Sigur Rós album and didn’t use the word ‘glacial’ once. Pretty good.


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