Plum @ Sticky Mikes, Brighton 11/07/13

Posted: 14/07/2013 in Live Review
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It’s possible to get a bit weary when you go to local gigs week in week out but every now and again you see something that stops you in your tracks, Plum is just that. A solo electronica artist from Edinburgh, she played an absolute blinder in front of a criminally small but captivated audience.

She has huge smorgasbord of sounds at her disposal. From tasteful dubstep, bouncy house and juddering glitch to the best female fronted cool electropop since Ladytron. The occasional ground-swelling synths don’t go a miss either.

Her onstage persona is refreshingly down to earth and endearing. She had the audience eating out the palm her hand, and I do mean hand as she broke her wrist the previous day. Rather than cancelling the tour, she modified her set and played in a sling with one of the those call-centre mics pop ‘divas’ swear by.

The combination of pop sensibility and banging tunes should be filling huge clubs and the fact that she is playing Ibiza in September seems wholly appropriate.

Plum – Sticky Mikes – Brighton – 11/07/13


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