Riot Grrrl

Posted: 01/08/2013 in Opinion
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Riot grrrl is over 20 years old now but has still yet to create a tangible creative legacy. Sure, there’s a concrete ideology and the same old fixture referred to bands: Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear etc but there is a reason you never see and riot girl bands in anyones best of/end of year/greatest albums lists. It’s the sad fact is that the bands just aren’t very good.

There is an admirable enthusiasm and DIY attitude flowing through the scene, and the world is a disgustingly sexist place. But starting a band with beginer musical ability and playing live ASAP actually dilutes the message and only serves to contradict the ‘girls can do it perfectly well themselves’ message. Which is a shame as there is a sore lack of women in bands.

The problem lies in the fact that riot girl is seen as a very cool thing to do, no matter how amateurish the act, the ‘ever so on it’ crowd will stout-heartedly lap it up. This is counter productive. None of the bands will ever get to a standard that people not in the elite will want to listen to them and the bands will remain preaching to the converted.

Most annoyingly though is that most of the bands are quite amiable. Where’s the riot?

Riot Grrrl


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