Bardo Pond – Maggot Brain

Posted: 08/08/2013 in Album Review
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What happens when surprisingly veteran (formed in 1991???) acid rock rogues Bardo Pond cover arch funk-psych boffins of the greatest reverence Funkadelic? Well somewhat unsurprisingly nothing too earth shattering. Unless 21 minute Hoffman frazzled wig-outs can fracture the earth? They can’t.

The end result is double the length and suitably lo-fi. Which given every band in the world right now seems to sound like Animal Collective or Tame Impala it feels strangely contemporary. Which is either incredibly cool and open minded or the saddest thing since The Darkness – delete as appropriate.

As no real band deserves the latter they can mosey on in.

It does feel a bit redundant though. The arrangement is pretty much the same; couldn’t you just listen to the original twice? That completely goes against the point of it though. This was clearly thrashed out in a practice room and uploaded. That of course is the fun in it. It exists purely cause it can!

There is so much scope to do all manner of crazy shit in our technological age. Why doesn’t every band?

Bardo Pond – Maggot Brain


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