Girls Against Boys – The Ghost List EP

Posted: 26/09/2013 in Album Review
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“You say things have changed, they only seem the same to me, the 1990s” – Girls Against Boys – Kick (2013)

There is a dearth of sub-standard “first album in years” releases we are being subjected to at the moment.– Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, The Pixies – No matter how obviously disappointing they are going to be there will always be a part of you with your fingers crossed.

Quite out the blue GvsB have released this new EP and you know what?  It actually delivers?!?!?!  And by that I mean as good as their ‘prime’ material.  So, if you’ve always liked them, or if you wanted to know what The Fall would sound like if they were a DC/NY lounge band, then happy day, it’s all here.

It carries on very much in the vain of Cruise Yourself and House of… The opener is exactly what you want from GvsB in 2013.  It is sleazy, mean and slick.  It doesn’t deviate far from the path but doesn’t sound safe either.

There is some abstract thinking afoot, however.  The blatant lift of Suicide’s Ghost Rider in Fade Out is excellent but quite perplexing on the first listen.  Not sure anyone ever needs to cover Ghost Rider again but it’s executed so well we’ll why not?

Without doubt the EP’s stand out track is the throbbing electronica of Kick. A taught piece of 90s (again) trip-hop.   It’s brooding, nocturnal, subterranean and all the other adjectives you’d associate with GvsB, and as tired as that sounds it actually is.

Return releases after a number of years usually fall into two camps: jaded play-it-safes or haphazard over-confident cringe-fests.  This is neither.  It sounds like a band that does it for fun.  There’s no money in music any more so why what better motivation is there?

The Ghost List EP – Girls Against Boys


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