Another Brighton Noise night rears its approachably sinister head so there isn’t really any choice but to get down to the Green Door Store to soak in the bands.

First up are Nature Channel.  Initially coming at you very much like forgotten K Records heroes Karp mixed with early-Idlewild. They are a twin-headed, all-consuming, angular riff apparatus.  The fact the drumkit kept falling apart didn’t seem surprising at all. After few songs they calm things down a little and show us a subtler side. During this, they turn in the brilliant Bloodflow. Who’d have thought singer-songwriter could merge so seamlessly into marching noise-rock?  The following track – a nod to 70s punk – felt a little out of context in a set so obviously indebted to the 90s.  This minor blip aside one of the most promising bands in Brighton.  Especially when they are heavy as fuck!

Kraken Maré very much polarised the audience tonight.  Instrumental post-metal erring on the doomy side isn’t for everyone.  As it happens they know their field, and turn in enough quiet/loud to qualify as an opera.  Wearing their influences openly, the High On Fire and Torche t-shirts give a lot away.  They have a secret weapon however – an electronics player, who is quite literally hidden at the back behind a flight case.  The soundscapes and vocal samples definitely put the set up a notch above the usual Hydra Head worship.

After all that bluster Son Belly seem a little incongruous and take a few songs to sink in.  Coming across like a garage-rock Nick Drake or Noel Cowards’ White Stripes they take on the blues with a patently silly Englishness.  That they manage to carry that off is reason enough to stay and watch them.  They traverse an interesting line in being incredibly tight then endearingly all over the place.  They are resolutely sticking to the two-piece though, which is a shame, as a third member would really beef it all up.  Given their rural psych-out, a tuba would be the obvious choice.  Or a baritone accordion, do they even exist?

Brighton Noise Night – Redux


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