Mount Kimbie preview – Concorde, Brighton 26/11/13

Posted: 20/10/2013 in Live Preview
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Mount Kimbie Preview – Brighton Concorde 2 6/11 2013

Amazing fact for the day: Mount Kimbie are apparently responsible for the term ‘post-dubstep’.  That is definitely true of debut Crooks & Lovers.  An album indebted to a smoky London sound and perhaps a few Burial 12”s.  Now on the enviable Warp Records roster, they’ve release undoubtedly one of the UK’s electronica albums of the year Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.

Even with a cursory listen you can tell the duo aren’t exactly short of ideas and a giant leap away from the post-dubstep tag.  There’s a tangible feeling of the need to take risks, which the album a real sense of urgency.  It’s no surprise that it has met with close to universal critical acclaim.  To get an idea of the range have a listen to the soft urban drama of ‘You Took Your Time’, the high-velocity dub of ‘Fall Out’ or the more Warp-familiar fare of ‘Lie Near’.

Remember witch house?  Not the easiest dance trend to define, and sadly not the most realised. That doesn’t matter to the headache named oOoOO, chillwave of the warmest kind brought all the way from San Francisco.  Playing highlights from this years’ Without Your Love LP you can be safe in the knowledge the subs will be nicely warmed up.

It should be pointed out that one half of Mont Kimbie is from Brighton, which always lends a gig that extra edge.  And even better, it’s at Concorde 2.  What more could you want?


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