The Icarus Line preview – The Hope, Brighton 2/11/13

Posted: 20/10/2013 in Live Preview
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The Icarus Line Preview – Brighton The Hope 2/11 2013

Why The Icarus Line are constantly tagged as post-hardcore is puzzling? TIL’s psych-out jams, rawk tropes and fx smothering comes straight from the druggy ideology of Spacemen 3/Spiritualized, Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvets and The Stooges.

To call them copyists would be wholly unfair though.  For starters, they are absolutely ferocious at times.  Just listen to ‘Laying Down For the Man’ from this years’ excellent Slave Vows or ‘Love is Happiness’.  It’s not all spit and bile though.  ‘Victory Gardens’ is the kind of song that would let you couch-surf after you drink away your rent, and Dark Circles is titan gothic blues.

The Icarus Line have been at it now for a perplexing for 15 years???  So it is incredibly exciting to be seeing them in the dangerously close confines of The Hope.  You don’t have to trawl very far through Google to find out how vital a live band they are.  There are a million bands out there that know the moves but this band very much live it.

Support comes from the simply impossible to ignore Brightonians Bad For Lazarus.  Coming at you all midnight menacing fangs and with the knowing ridiculousness you want from scuzzy, yet theatrical, punk.

It’s basic maths people… rock + degenerates x enormous volume = buy a ticket now.


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