Cold Cave – Nausea, The Earth and Me

Posted: 31/10/2013 in Album Review
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Cold Cave – Nausea, The Earth and Me

Cherish The Light Years, it can be said with utter conviction, was one ‘11s best albums.  Cold Cave, or rather, Wes Eisold, seems to have turned his back on the ‘album’ since then in favour of that internet tease: the barrage of singles.  To miscellaneous results it must be said.  Everything has been pretty tasty but nothing reaching that high bar set two years ago.  It has also been very earnestly electronic.

Want some guitars from new single Nausea, The Earth and Me?  Tough, but strangely it’s all the better for it.  He’s finally submitted to the 4/4 pounding kick-drum you’ve always wanted him to.  It will enthral the EBM goths and the poseur hipsters; and dare I say it even the artless clubland hoard will lap it up.

What makes the song so special is that there isn’t really very much variety or content but what is there is well considered and fits seamlessly together.  Almost like there was once tomes of ideas but only the very cream of them survived.

Is it too late in the year to get another Cold Cave single, and would it be too much to ask to get a physical release of all the Cold Cave singles in one place?  Pretty please?


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