Ghosts of Future Past, The Gaa Gaa’s, Pink Narcissus, Friday Night Chorus @ Sticky Mikes – Brighton

Posted: 25/01/2014 in Live Review
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I’m at Brighton Rocks. Lout’s Friday night four band bash. Always a good laugh. A chance to catch the zeitgeist, or at least see the new crop of bands. There is usually something pretty mental/completely unprecedented on display. This evening is no exception.

Friday Night ChorusUp first, it’s the definitive format P.P.P.P.Power trio: matching shirts, Jam influence, Fender instruments, lots of oh oh ohs. Friday Night Chorus run the gamut from new wave; to that 90s new wave of new wave thing; to that naughties new wave revival. It’s all precision riffs and short songs. There is that laddish yet vulnerable theme running throughout too. They are either way ahead of, or hideously behind the times – delete as appropriate. Which is a shame as they are pretty good. Certainly deserving of being further up the bill.

Pink NarcissusIt’s completely impossible to avoid the question, “what the hell are Pink Narcissus all about?” You wonder how they got it together in the first place? The bassist clearly wants to play funk-metal; the guitarist likes Tool; the drummer plays like Bonham but hits like Ringo; and the singer has clearly studied at the school of Iggy, but actually come across as a less feral, less art-scene Martin Tomlinson from Selfish Cunt. Bizarrely, it sounds a bit like Adrenaline era Deftones. You wonder if the band have noticed this, has anyone told them? They are highly entertaining though. The singer tears his vest off. fashions a blindfold and pantomimes about banging into things. And why not.

The Gaa Gaa'sIt is clearly not The Gaa Gaa’s night. They get their first song out of the way without too much trouble. Then they – this is a very important lesson about rehearsal folks – forget the intro to the next one. What follows is the most blood curdling 90 seconds of anyone’s life, as they try to teach it to each other. The drummer could win an Oscar for the brave face he’s putting on. Bafflingly, they then launch into Joy Divisions ‘Transmission’. If this is a prank, it’s a really good one. It’s probably not though. The rest of the set arrives with a certain nervousness to it you could say. The tunes are a mish-mash of every band from Manchester. It works sometimes, not so much others. Taught rhythm section with shoegaze guitar just doesn’t make sense. At least not tonight.

Ghosts of Future PastIt’s blatantly obvious that tonight belongs to Ghosts of Future Past. Making an especially big effort for their EP launch. Dressed in matching black double breasted jackets and sailing around with much confidence. The audience are clearly loving it. Something weird happens during the into to ‘Friedrich Nietzsche’, something that the crowd cannot explain. Band are playing goth music!?!?!? Not the indie-with-hair-dye of Savages, but actual Bauhaus goth. It’s really good, and really refreshing. Apparently Brighton had a goth-scene a few years ago. No one believes a word of it. ‘Another Western Unsolved Spree’ has shades of Morricone about it and is introduced as ‘sounding worse than it is’. Can an artform composed of sound, sound worse than it is? Are GoFP ushering in the new wave of meta-physical post-punk? Possibly. They aren’t short of interesting turns – the lead guitarist actually wrestles the sound of gamelan bells out of his instrument. They finish, the audience want more but t’s curfew. Such is life.


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