Hypnotized – Ghost Walk

Posted: 21/02/2014 in Album Review
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It’s only natural to pigeonhole things. This goes in here, that goes in there, keep it familiar, keep it safe, isn’t life simple? The problem… is that that would completely exclude Brighton’s improbably fresh faced psyche portent Hypnotized.

Even ‘psyche’ feels limiting in the Hypnotized camp. What we get is trap beats, 80s drum triggers, amorphous vocals and indistinct instruments. There is no particular anchoring in any era or genre. It has the capacity to draw in people of any musical background or taste – or completely alienate them, but that seems unlikely with tunes this infectious.

The band aren’t giving anything too specific away either. The eclectic bricolage outfits reveal a sympathy for ‘world’ culture and a curious anonymity. Are the masks and makeup a ploy to remove the band from the music, or are they covering up something far more esoteric? ‘Drummer’ Paul is quite a skilled tarot reader as it happens.

There are hints of the minds behind ‘Ghost Walk’ throughout. This is a band that grew up on hip-hop culture and they’ve definitely got an Animal Collective CD kicking about. The dearly missed Cocteau Twins gat a passing nod and it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume Syd Barrett is a familiar face.

There is a quality about ‘Ghost Walk’ that is very rare – it’s not long enough. Never mind. With it’s ambiguous woozy transcendental character, you can just listen to it again, and again, and again∞


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