More Marvellous NME Web-filler

Posted: 22/02/2014 in Opinion
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Straight in at number one, this weeks curiously titled filler article goes to the NME’s ‘30 Irrationally Short Tracks That Should Be Way Longer.’

The whole article is completely compromised by the fact that hardly any songs are ‘too short’. None of the songs on the list have that problem. In fact, about half of them are punk/new wave. Why on gods green earth would The Pixies brilliant ‘Broken Face’ benefit from being longer?

This is transparently someone in editorial who needs to fill space cheaply and quickly, “run your iTunes in ascending order of time and choose the typical 30 bands and write tepid copy about them.”

I know this should upset me but it’s just unnecessarily poor.

Even the ‘way’ in the title is makes me sad…


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