Crime Scene, Yeah!, Fallow Deer and TORS @ Prince Albert 17/04/14

Posted: 28/03/2014 in Live Review
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There was a bit of a debate going on tonight. Are Crime Scene, Yeah! Serious, is it an art-prank or is it just good old fashioned shits-and-giggles? With bated breath we shall wait and see.

torsTORS make for a fantastic visual treat. It’s most likely unintentional, but they’ve modelled themselves on different eras of modernist America: last of the old-timers, thirties docker, fifties housewife and sixties leisurewearer. Which doesn’t lend many clues to the music. They are mid-Atlantic in their style. A canvas of indie with inflections of folk, blues and post rock – at times like a less foreboding I Like Trains. They meander between sinister minimalism and soothing calm with the greatest of ease. A lovely beginning to the evening.

Which could never – ever – under any circumstances be said about Fallow Deer. A product of their upbringing, the deermen know Their Libertines and Arctic Monkeys, but why couldn’t those bands be more like The Stooges? Well why? There is energy to spare and every inch of the stage is used. The band sing at the absolute limits of being in tune and trade off each other skilfully. Too many bands take themselves far too seriously. Being a bit scruffy and having fun is the main agenda here. It’s not like anyone is actually on the road to fame anyway.

Crime Scene YeahAlthough Crime Scene, Yeah! Are investing every calorie in their bodies in the pursuit of rabid celebrity. In answer to the earlier question, they seem to be serious enough, songs don’t just appear out the ether you know, but they are definitely in on the joke. Whether it’s a prank or not is unclear. What is clear, is the am-dram aesthetic is pushed past eleven and we will submit to their campcore. The bamboozled looks in the audience suggest brilliance or absurdity. The whole thing seems a satire of hyper-hipster electro-rock Shoreditchers. And if they aren’t worth taking the piss out of then who is?


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