ARX – She’s My Demon

Posted: 14/04/2014 in Album Review
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The words ‘punk’ combined with ‘blues’ have the overwhelming power to distort all objectivity and evoke horrors simply too gruesome to mention. Before we all run fingers in our ears back to mother lets have a little listen.

Brighton’s ARX – is that a research chemical? – take their muse from garage rock, which fittingly is kind of punky blues. They belt our ‘She’s My Demon’ in an appropriately rambunctious manner: all big fuck-off drums and shards of guitar. They have a no-so-secret weapon in the vocals of Hannah Pidduck. Powerful voices can substitute real emotion for histrionics. Not here. Hannah’s earthy diction is more akin to classic soul. Which is where ARX meet their USP – gospel garage rock.

The old testament lovelorn lyrics and compositional maturity belie their tender age. Much like the middle-aged teenager of pop, Adele. The “woahs” are a little cheeky, but if you are going to lift a backing vocal you aren’t going to better ‘Rolling In The Deep’

They’ve landed ground-running here. A few more songs down the line and some gadgets to fill the gaps and something rather special is going to happen.

Yeah, and try escaping from earworm “never been satisfied”. Which as a catchy hook, is quite ironic.

Don’t you think.


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