Deftones – Smile

Posted: 24/04/2014 in Album Review
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Given the weighty backstory of this there is an initial fear, what if it’s not very good, are you allowed to throw the book at a memorial track? Thing is, Deftones – much like nineties luminaries QotSA, Tool and NIN – never get a bad review, even though collectively their last works were below par. That’s ok. There’s zero editorial pressure here at Asunderground. Just the moral issue.

It’s with some relief that it is actually quite good (ish). Not close to the millennium good, but solid nonetheless. It’s one of the alt-rock non-singles that invariably end up being the best tracks on the album. That’s stretch but it’s pretty good.

Lyrics were never the strong suit and true to form they are phoned in here. Curiously, they are presented very small on the screen. Tip tip: don’t read them. You’re not even getting a quote here. Put simply, it’s about fucking. Who want’s yet another Deftones song about fucking? Seems an odd choice of subject to mark someone’s death.

So why is there so little to say about the music? In fact, now that it’s stopped playing, it’s difficult to remember any detail at all, which after about nine listens is actually disturbing. Presumably the band haven’t unlocked the mystery of broadcast amnesia. So the only conclusion is that it isn’t any good after all. It’s the most cardinal of all sins. Kind of boring…


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