Latest Magazine Column 5/5 – 12/5

Posted: 30/04/2014 in Live Preview
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About once a month or so I write the ‘ what’s on this week’ column in Latest Magazine. Yeah, that’s why I’m so wealthy. Either way, here it is for free:

Well of course it’s The Great Escape this week. There bands absolutely EVERYWHERE. You could barricade yourself into your basement, turn off your electricity and an acoustic gig would just randomly pop up around you. Bearing this in mind, lets focus on the poor souls bookending the weekend.

Years ago now this writer was at a Martin Creed show. Being the clumsy ape he is he walked straight into one of the sculptures and pushed it lopsided… No one noticed he made a – ahem – great escape. Sorry about that. Either way, Mr Creed has a band and they are playing on Tuesday at Brighton Dome Studio Theatre. It’s dad-post-punk with comedy swearing. If that’s your thing, knock yourself – and a sculptures – out!

Londoners – specifically East London, apparently that’s important? – Bleech are doing their power-pop-alt-rock-all-fuzzy revue on Tuesday at The Hope. Much loved Brightonian’s Keel Her are bringing their lovely warm tunes too. There is a might buzz about Keel her, go see them while they still fit into the Hope’s cosy confines. You really are spoiled, you do know that?

Asian underground demigod Talvin Singh is doing his thing at Brighton Dome Concert Hall on Wednesday. And by his ‘thing’ we mean playing lush live scores to classic Indian art house flicks Raja Harishchandra and Devi. Everything Singh does oozes quality, this is exactly the kind of gig you’ll pretend you were at in the pub on Saturday.

On Monday there is a huge bloody great night of metal at Green Door Store. Metal 2 The Masses no less. The spellingly challenged Kremated are bringing their ‘London thrash’ down even further south. Supported by the presumable really, really fast or glacially slow Hawka HurricaneApotheosism and Spinning Death Machine. Ten points to Spinning Death Machine for being called Spinning Death Machine.

Should we tell the NME indie lads that photo’s in front of the decaying West Pier are just, like, sooooo obvious dahling? Nah, it’s always worth a giggle on the Wednesday.


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