Slayer – Implode

Posted: 01/05/2014 in Album Review
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Jeff Hanneman was always the coolest member of Slayer. The quiet one harbouring the ideas. Kerry King presents himself as such a dickhead, Hanneman stood there radiating all-consuming calm.

How do Slayer function without him? Pretty well actually. We’re easily overcome by the spikes, leather and pentagrams, at the end of the day, what made Slayer Slayer was a huge dollop of hardcore. It’s a particularly weighty element in ‘Implode’ – their first release in five years.

There is nothing radical going on here. What are you going to do after three decades though – Slayer have notoriously intolerant fans. An electronic/back to our roots/metalcore direction would be shit. They had a great creative opportunity with new chap Gary Holt. So of course he has resolutely not been given creative input here… Holt knows his metal onions, he’s hardly going to plough the dead field*.

Slayer ran out of lyrics decades ago, suitably they are phoned-in here. Do you listen to Slayer for the studied rhetoric? Maybe, they’ve had their moments – Divine Intervention had a particularly diverse and scurrilous manifesto. The onus here is to remind us that normal people are stupid. Thanks, we already new that. They aren’t Slayer fans are they?

Half decent song aside, you have to wonder why Slayer bother at all, is the album just a reason to go on tour? Slayer – like Motorhead, Maiden et al – fans that wouldn’t care. Can they scrape back the recording costs with a few blood coloured vinyl? Probably, seems a lot of work though. Having said that, they can bash this stuff out automatically and records are like, sooooo cool right now. Although, there is probably a die-hard CD demographic at all those Big Four monstrosities.

*Yeah, that’s my fucking metal song title, not yours’.


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