Tobacco – Streaker

Posted: 02/05/2014 in Album Review

So the genres have all gone?

Good, fuck them. What did subculture ever do anyway? Skins, mods, grebos – don’t want any of that. What we want is all the dirtiest shit from every scene thrown at us with manifest abandon – right here, right now. No one’s taken up the mantle of deranged straight-to-videocore since Foetus went serious. Everything is so clinical, where’s the disease?

It’s all here. Tobacco has always been underachieving. In terms of popularity, and possibly, creatively. ‘Streaker’ however, is resolutely basking in underachievement. It really just couldn’t give a shit. A horrible mess of buckling synths and compressed drums. There is no discernable structure and no detectible message. It’s apolitical, emotionless and distorted beyond acceptable measure. It’s incredible.

You don’t deserve it.


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