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About once a month or so I write the ‘ what’s on this week’ column in Latest Magazine. Yeah, that’s why I’m so wealthy. Either way, here it is for free:

Well of course it’s The Great Escape this week. There bands absolutely EVERYWHERE. You could barricade yourself into your basement, turn off your electricity and an acoustic gig would just randomly pop up around you. Bearing this in mind, lets focus on the poor souls bookending the weekend.

Years ago now this writer was at a Martin Creed show. Being the clumsy ape he is he walked straight into one of the sculptures and pushed it lopsided… No one noticed he made a – ahem – great escape. Sorry about that. Either way, Mr Creed has a band and they are playing on Tuesday at Brighton Dome Studio Theatre. It’s dad-post-punk with comedy swearing. If that’s your thing, knock yourself – and a sculptures – out!

Londoners – specifically East London, apparently that’s important? – Bleech are doing their power-pop-alt-rock-all-fuzzy revue on Tuesday at The Hope. Much loved Brightonian’s Keel Her are bringing their lovely warm tunes too. There is a might buzz about Keel her, go see them while they still fit into the Hope’s cosy confines. You really are spoiled, you do know that?

Asian underground demigod Talvin Singh is doing his thing at Brighton Dome Concert Hall on Wednesday. And by his ‘thing’ we mean playing lush live scores to classic Indian art house flicks Raja Harishchandra and Devi. Everything Singh does oozes quality, this is exactly the kind of gig you’ll pretend you were at in the pub on Saturday.

On Monday there is a huge bloody great night of metal at Green Door Store. Metal 2 The Masses no less. The spellingly challenged Kremated are bringing their ‘London thrash’ down even further south. Supported by the presumable really, really fast or glacially slow Hawka HurricaneApotheosism and Spinning Death Machine. Ten points to Spinning Death Machine for being called Spinning Death Machine.

Should we tell the NME indie lads that photo’s in front of the decaying West Pier are just, like, sooooo obvious dahling? Nah, it’s always worth a giggle on the Wednesday.


‘Grunge’ was a funny thing. More of a scene than a genre really, and not even much of that. A scramble by major labels to sign $$$ bands from a random city in the Pacific North West. Objectively Alice in Chains and The Screaming Trees are hugely dissimilar. There is a fairly unspoken of rift in that era between the bands that just wanted to be Led Zep/Neil Young and the ones who were more into the 80s hardcore or the Pixies thing.

Tigercub – very wisely – have chosen the latter path. That of The Sonic Youth, Mudhoney and of course that modestly successful Nirvana band. All big riffs, great melodies and emotional impact – remember when bands meant something and spoke from the heart? Us neither but they must have done at some point.

If you have even a faintest interest in the Brighton music scene you cannot fail to have noticed the impact Tigercub have had and that is just going to snowball into something greater.  They’ve been touring up and down the country payin’ their dues so now is the time for some pay-off.

New single Blue Blood is being launched on April 24th at Bermuda Triangle and might well be their best yet. A tension filled quiet/loud bite of perfect noise pop. Lairy but sensitive, harsh yet fragile. A tantalising taste of a debut album?

We do hope so. No support announced yet. Watch this space…

The central belt of Scotland has long been a hotbed of quality indie-rock. Not sure if there is a sociological reason, but it has. If it was America there would be a whole host of blow-hard documentaries about how it changed the world or something. They would have an effusing Henry Rollins and Dave Grohl singing the praises of The Vaselines*. The Scottish indie scene is more reserved than that, so you will just have to go by the quality of the bands and make your own assumptions.

Glasgow’s PAWS are really good. Instantly likeable good. They probably can’t tell you why they are so good, they just are. You get the impression they just wanted to be in a band. That they are pretty special is an added bonus.

It all looks on the up and up for the band. They are recording their first album for Brighton’s own FatCat Records later in the year. Trekking all the way to New York no less!

They have clocked up about a million gigs in the last three years, so providing the coming apocalypse is after 17/02 we are in for a startling evening out. PAWS could very well be one of the leading lights of the “new wave of 90s indie-rock”. Awaiting NME genre name with bated breath.

Thinking about it. Scottish and certain American accents sound similar when sung. Perhaps there’s a sociolinguistic reason? Or perhaps not.

*In all likelihood this has probably happened.

The Icarus Line Preview – Brighton The Hope 2/11 2013

Why The Icarus Line are constantly tagged as post-hardcore is puzzling? TIL’s psych-out jams, rawk tropes and fx smothering comes straight from the druggy ideology of Spacemen 3/Spiritualized, Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvets and The Stooges.

To call them copyists would be wholly unfair though.  For starters, they are absolutely ferocious at times.  Just listen to ‘Laying Down For the Man’ from this years’ excellent Slave Vows or ‘Love is Happiness’.  It’s not all spit and bile though.  ‘Victory Gardens’ is the kind of song that would let you couch-surf after you drink away your rent, and Dark Circles is titan gothic blues.

The Icarus Line have been at it now for a perplexing for 15 years???  So it is incredibly exciting to be seeing them in the dangerously close confines of The Hope.  You don’t have to trawl very far through Google to find out how vital a live band they are.  There are a million bands out there that know the moves but this band very much live it.

Support comes from the simply impossible to ignore Brightonians Bad For Lazarus.  Coming at you all midnight menacing fangs and with the knowing ridiculousness you want from scuzzy, yet theatrical, punk.

It’s basic maths people… rock + degenerates x enormous volume = buy a ticket now.

Mount Kimbie Preview – Brighton Concorde 2 6/11 2013

Amazing fact for the day: Mount Kimbie are apparently responsible for the term ‘post-dubstep’.  That is definitely true of debut Crooks & Lovers.  An album indebted to a smoky London sound and perhaps a few Burial 12”s.  Now on the enviable Warp Records roster, they’ve release undoubtedly one of the UK’s electronica albums of the year Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.

Even with a cursory listen you can tell the duo aren’t exactly short of ideas and a giant leap away from the post-dubstep tag.  There’s a tangible feeling of the need to take risks, which the album a real sense of urgency.  It’s no surprise that it has met with close to universal critical acclaim.  To get an idea of the range have a listen to the soft urban drama of ‘You Took Your Time’, the high-velocity dub of ‘Fall Out’ or the more Warp-familiar fare of ‘Lie Near’.

Remember witch house?  Not the easiest dance trend to define, and sadly not the most realised. That doesn’t matter to the headache named oOoOO, chillwave of the warmest kind brought all the way from San Francisco.  Playing highlights from this years’ Without Your Love LP you can be safe in the knowledge the subs will be nicely warmed up.

It should be pointed out that one half of Mont Kimbie is from Brighton, which always lends a gig that extra edge.  And even better, it’s at Concorde 2.  What more could you want?