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Bermuda Triangle is a weighty venue name. Whoever comes up with the lasting nick-name gets ten points. I nominate ‘muda-t’.

Muda-t is in a great location for the summers beginning. You can come out between bands and watch the sun go down. It’s all very lovely.

A dangerous thing having ‘dull’ in your band name. It leads to all manner of mimetic conclusions.  Fortunately Dull Knife traverse any dubious associations and get on with the gutsy americana wig-outs. They are a band defined by their lack of members. They have that two-piece psychic bond and wizard-like musicianship, and a welcome lack of high-tech noodling – although you suspect they’d rather like to. So why aren’t they the best band ever and stuff? They are just so damn mannerly. Songs this exciting should elicit more gusto no?

Much like Bad For Lazarus. Who phone in their performance as usual tonight. You suspect there is a heart of gonzo sleazy rhythm ‘n’ b(l)ooze going on but they just can’t be arsed with any of it. Which is of course total bollocks. BFL are probably the most dependably raucous band in town. They have that thing where everyone is vying for attention, which locks in your attention. Last time Brighton Noise saw them was supporting The Icarus Line. They are slightly more in control tonight – slightly – and they are all the better for it. They, er, rise to the occasion. Sorry.

So are Tigercub worth all the hype? Sure, why not. They have the songs, and they definitely have a thriving home support. Not that bands have adversaries. They did, but there’s no gang-mentality anymore. It’s all a bit postmodern now.

Tigercub know this. Which is why their songs divide equally into three fields: pleasantly-groovy-for-a-white-band-rock that really hones in the rhythm section; the weirder songs off Rated R; and what Tigercub do best: Pixiesnirvana nostalgic-but-its-new grungey stadium-fillers. One of which, ‘Mother’ even gets a singalong.

Having said that, In typical alt-rock tradition the audience resist putting too much effort in until the last song. Which of course isn’t the last song, you can’t have a launch party without an encore. Unfortunately, the house lights go up and half the crowd leave before they go back down again. Which is a shame as the band back and play a blinder! Rock ‘n’ roll eh? Mental.


* thanks to Sandie Levent for letting me use her excellent photographs.