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From the band that called themselves Cerebral Ballzy – by choice – comes ‘Lonely As America’.

It might not have been their choice. Perhaps some remnant of the mafia is making them do it, or they lost a bet, or the promoter in their area is a dick and wouldn’t book them otherwise? Either way, Cerebral Ballzy.

From the tours they’ve been on you’d be forgiven for expecting another hardcore band. What you actually get is actually is virulent bit of indie/punk with the best Dead Kennedy’s tropes. They’re packed into a tight three minute sausage of urban worry. It sounds magnificently New York and would be just as apt on a sunny day or a late night walk home, as long as you are surrounded by intoxicating deranged metropolis.

It goes agonisingly out of tune about halfway through. Like, really badly. It’s nice to see in 2014 that even though bedroom recording is ubiquitous. Bands still do the ‘record, mix and master the album in 12 hours’ thing. Totally street. Done the The Circle Jerks proud.

If you are a NYHC twat that doesn’t live in a cage of your own design or a torturous indie kid abandoning decaf. This could stimulate those parts other bands can’t reach.