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King of catsLast time this reviewer saw King of Cats was in the corner of a living room. Somehow, the cordial vibe and close proximity of the audience gives Sticky Mikes that feel this evening. There is something immediately likable about KoC. Whether it’s the militant anti-fashion, the rough-around-the-edges performance or the idiosyncratic between song banter. They completely stretch the quiet/loud idiom to its logical brittle bone fragile/astonishingly anguished conclusion. Frontman Max’s screaming belongs in primal scream therapy than rather than any musical context, and pushes them far past healthy indie-rock behaviour. Their debut album is coming out “god knows when… soon”. Watch this space.

ShoppingThere are great bands out there whose influence is disproportionate to their accolade. Vanguard punk-funk monolith ESG are just that. Shopping of course, are far too naturally brilliant to be just a clone of any band, but it would seem unlikely they’d exist without them. ‘Tight’, and dare we say it ‘angular’, are adjectives every band wants lavished upon them. If you were to take those away from Shopping there would be precious little left. So all encompassing is their machine-like elegance. There are many ‘haircuts’ on stage and a cowbell. There is a worry it’s all about to get a bit hip, but the bands sheer exuberance overrides any pretentions of coolness. Bizarrely, their uncommon speed-ups and slow-downs have a country kind of twinge. Do you think they know?

PAWSPAWS are from Glasgow, Scotland. A country possibly on the brink of independence. They don’t need independence though. They are indie enough… INDIE ROCK*

A power-trio in the traditional sense. There’s no flab and no meandering in PAWS. It’s only natural to expect a band to be heavier live but this is ridiculous. Are the songs usually this fast? The drummer actually goes and lies down after the set. We get some welcome tracks from 2012s Cokefloat – seriously, how is ice cream floating in Coke a good idea? – but it’s the new tracks that really hit the mark tonight. The new material traverses pretty acoustic-ish numbers and low-slung churning sludge rock. There is a palpably excited reaction.  The album comes out on May. The band swear blind they are touring straight after. Wisdom would suggest not missing them.



The central belt of Scotland has long been a hotbed of quality indie-rock. Not sure if there is a sociological reason, but it has. If it was America there would be a whole host of blow-hard documentaries about how it changed the world or something. They would have an effusing Henry Rollins and Dave Grohl singing the praises of The Vaselines*. The Scottish indie scene is more reserved than that, so you will just have to go by the quality of the bands and make your own assumptions.

Glasgow’s PAWS are really good. Instantly likeable good. They probably can’t tell you why they are so good, they just are. You get the impression they just wanted to be in a band. That they are pretty special is an added bonus.

It all looks on the up and up for the band. They are recording their first album for Brighton’s own FatCat Records later in the year. Trekking all the way to New York no less!

They have clocked up about a million gigs in the last three years, so providing the coming apocalypse is after 17/02 we are in for a startling evening out. PAWS could very well be one of the leading lights of the “new wave of 90s indie-rock”. Awaiting NME genre name with bated breath.

Thinking about it. Scottish and certain American accents sound similar when sung. Perhaps there’s a sociolinguistic reason? Or perhaps not.

*In all likelihood this has probably happened.